End of the Summer Barbecue!

Eating spare ribs and pulled pork after work.  Can life get any better that?

Sure it can – eating all of that at 220 Twentieth Street with Memphis Barbecue has a Barbecue tasting of their menu TODAY!

Enjoy it all at The Luna Lounge – rooftop pool and terrace.  And when we say all, we mean the best of Memphis Barbecue’s fare, including the spare ribs and pulled pork along with coleslaw.

But Memphis Barbecue is definitely not down and dirty.  While you will need to lick your fingers for sure, this will all be served up with an element of class.  After all, this is a 220 Twentieth Street event we’re talking about!

We will be licking our own fingers, and there won’t be any leftovers, so you will be mad and hungry if you don’t come out!

Washington DC Metropolitan area Rising

Let’s face it – living in America was feeling kind of icky for a while.  Actually, living in pretty much the whole world was.  All of this talk of recession and job losses and banks was just overwhelming.  And while we’re still experiencing some of it, at home, near your 220 Twentieth Street apartment in Arlington, Virginia, things are feeling like they are starting to look up.

A recent blog on www.urbanturf.com also cited that DC is rising, and we assert the surrounding areas like Crystal City, Virginia are rising.  “The McKinsey Global Institute (recently reported by The Atlantic Cities) just compared the GDP of 30 U.S. cities in 1978 versus 2010; in that time period, DC climbed from the seventh spot to the fourth, switching places with Philadelphia.”

You’re going to hold on to this news, and enjoy DC rising.  You’re going to invite friends over to your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street and show them that you’re thankful – for them, for this moment, and that a better day continues to materialize on your Crystal City, Virginia horizon.

For more information on living at 220 Twentieth Apartments, follow this link: www.220living.com.

Amazing Dining Experience near 220 Twentieth Street Apartments

You’re sitting at home in your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street when you decide to open the window and let in a little breeze.  As soon as you do, you are overtaken by a delectable smell that you can’t quite identify.  It’s the mix of a perfect burrito and a falafel at the same time, perhaps with a touch of curry?  Or maybe that’s orange spice.

Whatever it is, the aroma is so strong that you half walk, half sleepwalk, letting your nose lead you in that direction.  At the end of your nose you find a beautiful sight – what seems like an army of food trucks lined up to serve you with some of the best food you’ve eaten in, like, forever.

You do not hesitate as you order lunch from the largest assembly of food trucks that can be found in the Arlington, Virginia area.  And as you walk back to your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street, you realize that the best dining options can come in boxy packages with wheels.

For more information on living at 220 Twentieth Apartments, follow this link: www.220living.com.

Mind Your Body Oasis

You are having an out-of-body experience.  You feel like you’re on a flying carpet, or maybe like being in a spaceship somewhere above Earth.  You feel weightless (and it’s not because you just lost 10 pounds, either).  It’s like you haven’t a care in the world, because you’ve come to the realization that you and your body are one, and nothing else matters but this moment.

But you’re not on a spaceship – instead you’re doing a downward dog pose while enjoying Mind Your Body Oasis, a standing 7 a.m. experience each Monday morning running now through the end of September.   Held at the Crystal City Water Park not far from your Crystal City, Virginia apartment, 220 Twentieth, this morning meditation is just what you need to stretch into your week effortlessly.

After the workout, you head back to your gorgeous apartment at 220 Twentieth to have a perfect cup of Joe before heading out to work – now relaxed, revived and stress free.


For more information on Mind Your Body Oasis, click here.  For more information on 220 Twentieth Apartments, follow this link: www.220living.com.

Rooftop View

Are you working your fingers to the bone from 9 – 5 and then again after dinner like most people in America?  Are you tied to your smart phone, your iPad and all matters of electronic media like the rest of the tech geeks spawned by the gadgets emanating from Steve Jobs’ brilliance?  Are you and your tech tools always “on”?

Then you need to get away!

Chances are that if you are that much of a work-a-holic, you can’t take a vacation.  But if you’re lucky enough to live at 220 Twentieth Street Apartments, you can go upstairs to your rooftop and let the view take you away to another place and time.

Head upstairs to the Luna Lounge and enjoy one of our favorite apartment amenities; our rooftop swimming pool, and hang out and enjoy the sights and the sounds of the urban oasis located in Crystal City, Virginia.

rooftop terrace view from 220 Twentieth Street

Rooftop terrace view from 220 Twentieth Street

Chances are that when you head downstairs back to your 220 Twentieth Street apartment, you will feel restored, renewed and unplugged.

For more information on living at 220 Twentieth Apartments, follow this link: www.220living.com.

Crystal Screen: Rom Com

It’s a hot night in Crystal City and a sweet story is unfolding right before your very eyes.  It’s a classic love story, really.  Rich businessman is taken by a woman of disrepute who adores him.  In perfect Pygmalion fashion, he dresses her up a wee bit, schools her on a little culture and falls in love.

Wait a minute, this is a familiar story, you think to yourself.  And then you wake up from your daydream and realize you’ve been watching it all play out before your very eyes at the Crystal Screen: Rom Com, a movie event running throughout the month of August, close by your apartment complex located at 220 Twentieth in Crystal City, Virginia.  It’s all going down at the courtyard at 1851 S. Bell Street, which is transformed into a movie theater every Monday night with the help of Moonflicks and the Crystal City BID.

It’s free, it’s close to home, and after you walk back home to your Arlington, VA apartment you will fall asleep having pretty little dreams.

Crystal Screen: Rom Com runs through August 27.  For a full list of showings, click here.  For more information on 220 Twentieth Apartments, follow this link: www.220living.com.