Amazing Dining Experience near 220 Twentieth Street Apartments

You’re sitting at home in your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street when you decide to open the window and let in a little breeze.  As soon as you do, you are overtaken by a delectable smell that you can’t quite identify.  It’s the mix of a perfect burrito and a falafel at the same time, perhaps with a touch of curry?  Or maybe that’s orange spice.

Whatever it is, the aroma is so strong that you half walk, half sleepwalk, letting your nose lead you in that direction.  At the end of your nose you find a beautiful sight – what seems like an army of food trucks lined up to serve you with some of the best food you’ve eaten in, like, forever.

You do not hesitate as you order lunch from the largest assembly of food trucks that can be found in the Arlington, Virginia area.  And as you walk back to your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street, you realize that the best dining options can come in boxy packages with wheels.

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