Enjoy Quality Community Art at Nearby Northern Virginia Art Center

Feeling arty?  Lucky for you, you live at 220 Twentieth Street Apartments, located just a stone’s throw from the new Northern Virginia Art Center.

Located at 2120-A Crystal Plaza Arcade, this Arlington Artists Alliance gallery promotes the works of established and emerging regional artists.  The Alliance’s mission is to make regional fine art accessible to the public through monthly exhibits, special events, and art workshops.   So go there and take in all of the beautiful works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, glass, ceramics and handmade jewelry.

The cool thing is that you could go down there, become inspired, and then become a part of this community of regional artists yourself by providing your own artwork.  After all, this is Arlington, you live at 220 Twentieth Street, and it’s all about being a part of the community, right?

We’ll be there with our friends from 220 Twentieth Street, being all high-brow, channeling Degas or Picasso or another awesome artist, wearing our beret and scarf and pondering arty quotes like da Vinci’s “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Find more information about the Northern Virginia Arts Center here http://crystalcity.org/go/northern-virginia-arts-center.

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