Rooftop View

Are you working your fingers to the bone from 9 – 5 and then again after dinner like most people in America?  Are you tied to your smart phone, your iPad and all matters of electronic media like the rest of the tech geeks spawned by the gadgets emanating from Steve Jobs’ brilliance?  Are you and your tech tools always “on”?

Then you need to get away!

Chances are that if you are that much of a work-a-holic, you can’t take a vacation.  But if you’re lucky enough to live at 220 Twentieth Street Apartments, you can go upstairs to your rooftop and let the view take you away to another place and time.

Head upstairs to the Luna Lounge and enjoy one of our favorite apartment amenities; our rooftop swimming pool, and hang out and enjoy the sights and the sounds of the urban oasis located in Crystal City, Virginia.

rooftop terrace view from 220 Twentieth Street

Rooftop terrace view from 220 Twentieth Street

Chances are that when you head downstairs back to your 220 Twentieth Street apartment, you will feel restored, renewed and unplugged.

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