Enjoy Quality Theater at the Nearby Synetic

We love theater in all of its forms – Broadway, off Broadway, and especially not far from

220 Twentieth at Synetic Theater.  A true artistic gem in the community, Synetic received 15 Helen Hayes nods for King Lear, and was awarded a 2010 National Theatre Company Grant from American Theatre Wing, founder of the Tonys®!

So we visit to see their most recent drama playing out on stage whenever possible.  Beginning this September 20th, we’re going to explore the famed life of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in “Jekyll and Hyde”, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Victorian tale of good and evil.  But this tale will be told at Synetic adding their signature physicality and darkly dramatic aesthetic.  Updating the story’s setting from 19th century London to modern-day America, Synetic’s version will put a new spin on the strange case of the charming and sociable Synetic Theatre, Crystal City, Crystal City BID, 220 Twentieth Street, Crystal City UndergroundDr. Jekyll and his sinister friend, accused murderer Mr. Hyde

Oooh, sounds really exciting, and sinister and artistic and dark…

So make sure to gather all your friends and get tickets to see the show!  After all, theatre is best enjoyed in community, with friends who are willing to walk down to the theater with you, walk you home, and hold your hand during the scary parts…

Find more information on Synetic Theater, click here: http://www.synetictheater.org.

Find more information on living at 220 Twentieth Street, http://www.220living.com.

Outdoor Zumba at your favorite Crystal City Apartment

You’re walking down Crystal Drive, just a short trip from your apartment at 220 Twentieth, and you find yourself transfixed by the hypnotic sound of a drum beat.  As the drum beat beckons you forward, you realize that the sound is a portion of a revolutionary idea and experience – Outdoor Zumba.

Caught up in the joy that can be found in music and movement outdoors, you drop your tote bag and join in immediately, overcome by the fun of taking a Zumba class at noon.  Before you know it, you’ve already enjoyed an hour’s worth of intoxicating exercise.  The drum beat stops, and you’re the only one standing there zumba-ing, refusing to let go of the rhythm.

Seriously, it could happen – every Wednesday from now until September 26th from 12 – 1 p.m.  You could get outside and enjoy fresh air and rhythm just a short walk away from your 220 Twentieth apartment.  And after your class,  caught up in the experience of cooling down, you’ll walk back home, and enter your apartment thinking – “Man, this is a cool place to live.”

To sign up for CRYSTALfit Outdoor Zumba, go to www.crystalcity.org.