Enjoy Quality Community Art at Nearby Northern Virginia Art Center

Feeling arty?  Lucky for you, you live at 220 Twentieth Street Apartments, located just a stone’s throw from the new Northern Virginia Art Center.

Located at 2120-A Crystal Plaza Arcade, this Arlington Artists Alliance gallery promotes the works of established and emerging regional artists.  The Alliance’s mission is to make regional fine art accessible to the public through monthly exhibits, special events, and art workshops.   So go there and take in all of the beautiful works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, glass, ceramics and handmade jewelry.

The cool thing is that you could go down there, become inspired, and then become a part of this community of regional artists yourself by providing your own artwork.  After all, this is Arlington, you live at 220 Twentieth Street, and it’s all about being a part of the community, right?

We’ll be there with our friends from 220 Twentieth Street, being all high-brow, channeling Degas or Picasso or another awesome artist, wearing our beret and scarf and pondering arty quotes like da Vinci’s “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Find more information about the Northern Virginia Arts Center here http://crystalcity.org/go/northern-virginia-arts-center.

Indulge Your Guilty Pleasures at Pentagon City Mall

Shopping at The Fashion Center at Pentagon City Mall just got so much better!  They recently opened three new stores – Henri Bendel, Bose, and the Microsoft Store. It’s the perfect combination of couture accessories and bags, high quality sound, and tech all in one place.   Oooh-la-la!

First, we’re going to go to Henri Bendel to drool over all of the metallic-tone bags and sparkly bangles and such.  Then we’re going to head on over to the Microsoft Store to take a look around at all the cool laptops.  And, of course, we’re going to spend a good hour or two playing Just Dance 4!  After all of our hard work drooling and making our wish list, we’re going to go over to Bose.  There, we are going to sit down, close our eyes, and let all of the high quality sound take us away to another world.  And then typically what happens is we are so caught up in the pleasure of the sound, the security guard comes over around 9 or so and warns that it’s time to close our mouth, stop drooling and go home.

Parting is always such sweet sorrow from our Pentagon City Mall.

Well, at least we won’t have far to travel next time we want to jaunt over from 220 Twentieth Street when the desire to go shopping hits!

Pups and Pilsners in Crystal City

What’s better than attending an outdoor beer festival in Crystal City?

Attending one where you can also bring your favorite pup, of course.

The inaugural Pups and Pilsners outdoor beer festival was Sunday, September 23rd from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., just a dog walk away from your equally pet-friendly apartments at 220 Twentieth Street.

I’m sure all of our wonderful pet owners enjoyed the massive beer garden with ten different stations – each with a different craft brew!  The best part was that entry to the festival was free; you pay for own drinks, of course!

Food Truck Thursday ends September 27

September is it!   It’s your last month to enjoy Food Truck Thursday before it ends on the 27th. So be all over it – get your lunchtime Food Truck fix from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 223 23rd Street – not far from your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street!

There are so many yummy trucks to enjoy – A’Lo Cubano, Doug the Food Dude, Hot Food People, Lemongrass and more. We’ll be there, inhaling food from the eight food trucks represented and hoping to placate our taste buds until the trucks come back next June.

Well, maybe we won’t inhale the food. We’ll just buy all of our faves and take it back to our 220 Twentieth Street Apartments to nibble on it a bit… gracefully.

crystal city, food truck thursday, near 220 twentieth street

End of the Summer Barbecue!

Eating spare ribs and pulled pork after work.  Can life get any better that?

Sure it can – eating all of that at 220 Twentieth Street with Memphis Barbecue has a Barbecue tasting of their menu TODAY!

Enjoy it all at The Luna Lounge – rooftop pool and terrace.  And when we say all, we mean the best of Memphis Barbecue’s fare, including the spare ribs and pulled pork along with coleslaw.

But Memphis Barbecue is definitely not down and dirty.  While you will need to lick your fingers for sure, this will all be served up with an element of class.  After all, this is a 220 Twentieth Street event we’re talking about!

We will be licking our own fingers, and there won’t be any leftovers, so you will be mad and hungry if you don’t come out!

Washington DC Metropolitan area Rising

Let’s face it – living in America was feeling kind of icky for a while.  Actually, living in pretty much the whole world was.  All of this talk of recession and job losses and banks was just overwhelming.  And while we’re still experiencing some of it, at home, near your 220 Twentieth Street apartment in Arlington, Virginia, things are feeling like they are starting to look up.

A recent blog on www.urbanturf.com also cited that DC is rising, and we assert the surrounding areas like Crystal City, Virginia are rising.  “The McKinsey Global Institute (recently reported by The Atlantic Cities) just compared the GDP of 30 U.S. cities in 1978 versus 2010; in that time period, DC climbed from the seventh spot to the fourth, switching places with Philadelphia.”

You’re going to hold on to this news, and enjoy DC rising.  You’re going to invite friends over to your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street and show them that you’re thankful – for them, for this moment, and that a better day continues to materialize on your Crystal City, Virginia horizon.

For more information on living at 220 Twentieth Apartments, follow this link: www.220living.com.

Outdoor Zumba at your favorite Crystal City Apartment

You’re walking down Crystal Drive, just a short trip from your apartment at 220 Twentieth, and you find yourself transfixed by the hypnotic sound of a drum beat.  As the drum beat beckons you forward, you realize that the sound is a portion of a revolutionary idea and experience – Outdoor Zumba.

Caught up in the joy that can be found in music and movement outdoors, you drop your tote bag and join in immediately, overcome by the fun of taking a Zumba class at noon.  Before you know it, you’ve already enjoyed an hour’s worth of intoxicating exercise.  The drum beat stops, and you’re the only one standing there zumba-ing, refusing to let go of the rhythm.

Seriously, it could happen – every Wednesday from now until September 26th from 12 – 1 p.m.  You could get outside and enjoy fresh air and rhythm just a short walk away from your 220 Twentieth apartment.  And after your class,  caught up in the experience of cooling down, you’ll walk back home, and enter your apartment thinking – “Man, this is a cool place to live.”

To sign up for CRYSTALfit Outdoor Zumba, go to www.crystalcity.org.

Pet Friendly Apartment Living

Pet Friendly Apartment Living

What does it mean to have a pet friendly environment?

Find your answer in Teddy (named after Teddy Roosevelt), our favorite Yorkie at 220 Twentieth Street.  At 220 Twentieth, a luxury eco-apartment building in Crystal City, VA, Teddy is living the life – a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle with luxury services and amenities that provide unparalleled comfort and convenience.

This includes unlimited gourmet treats from his owners, regular “hair do’s” and trimmings from the groomer, and a great Crystal City neighborhood with equally spoiled pups.  Occasionally, Teddy gets together with his equally spoiled 220 Twentieth canines to toast to living the good life.  “It doesn’t get better than this,” they bark in succession, while enjoying organic dog treats.  After all, Teddy won’t eat any old dog treat.

So maybe we’re going for a bit of entertainment value here with “The Life of Teddy and friends at 220 Twentieth.”  But if you want to create a life of quality with your pet where pet friendliness is valued, come by and visit us.  You may get a glimpse of Teddy.  But he’ll probably be too busy living the good life to say hello.

For more information about pet friendly living at 220 Twentieth, call: 703-416-0220.