Washington DC Metropolitan area Rising

Let’s face it – living in America was feeling kind of icky for a while.  Actually, living in pretty much the whole world was.  All of this talk of recession and job losses and banks was just overwhelming.  And while we’re still experiencing some of it, at home, near your 220 Twentieth Street apartment in Arlington, Virginia, things are feeling like they are starting to look up.

A recent blog on www.urbanturf.com also cited that DC is rising, and we assert the surrounding areas like Crystal City, Virginia are rising.  “The McKinsey Global Institute (recently reported by The Atlantic Cities) just compared the GDP of 30 U.S. cities in 1978 versus 2010; in that time period, DC climbed from the seventh spot to the fourth, switching places with Philadelphia.”

You’re going to hold on to this news, and enjoy DC rising.  You’re going to invite friends over to your apartment at 220 Twentieth Street and show them that you’re thankful – for them, for this moment, and that a better day continues to materialize on your Crystal City, Virginia horizon.

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