A Fresh Perspective

Using sophisticated technologies and natural materials, 220 Twentieth Street has been thoughtfully designed to benefit both residents and the environment.

Open layouts and floor-to-ceiling windows optimize natural light and views.

Energy Star® kitchen appliances and water efficient fixtures contribute to energy and water savings.

Low-emitting VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, carpets, adhesives and sealants improve indoor air quality.

An air-filtration management system leverages fresh outside air to enhance indoor air quality.

Green cleaning program ensures safer working conditions for cleaning staff and contributes to improved indoor air quality.

Easily accessible areas for the collection of recyclable materials make it easy to reduce household waste sent to local landfills.

Convenient pedestrian access to services, amenities, restaurants, shops and public modes of transportation reduces the need for vehicular transport and supports resident’s carbon footprint reduction.

Multiple bicycle racks and abundant bicycle storage.

Priority parking for Hybrid car owners located in garage. Additionally, Zipcar access is available throughout Crystal City.

Maintaining the existing building structure resulted in diversion of more than 95% of the construction material from landfill disposal.

220 Twentieth Street is a non-smoking building.


220 S. 20th Street, Arlington, VA 22202

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